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Create a Blog With Writings

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The Tardigrade, also known as the water bear, is a creature that survives extreme conditions. Water bears, Games, and Blogs are the rare things that can survive a nuclear apocalypse.

I picked one of them and I built it for Writings. Today, I am happy to announce the new blogging feature for Writings that allows you create blogs instantly. There isn’t support for comments or other social interaction yet, but a profile on which you publish your selected writings.

Development-wise, it was a massive feature and I underestimated it 100%. But, I learned a serious amount, and that let me fix a lot of other problems along the way.

Why blogging feature? 🔗

The motivation to create a Blogging feature comes from some of the user conversations I had during the summer. I don’t want to base the decisions of what gets to be built solely on user input or demand, but it seemed like a nice lead magnet for people that want to have blogs easily.

That said, Writings now becomes a tool that offers everything you need to kick off with writing. The blogging feature is a supplement to the Publishing funnel. Whether you publish your content is still up to you.

Still, Writings is not a blogging platform and should not be seen as such. It’s just an addition to the existing features that will establish better support for people that like to write.

Here is an example of a blog profile created on Writings: writings.so/itsbalal.

There is a very basic layout setup in which you can choose between showing articles in a list or in a grid, and how the grouping of the articles should be done. For example, you can select to show your articles in a list view, grouping them by label. Or showing them as a grid view, and grouping them per date.

Read more about how to enable blog for Writings in the documentation.

It’s a freshly baked straight out of the oven feature, so if you notice anything broken, please reach out at hello at writings.so or my DMs!