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How to Use Writings to Publish on Medium

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Every platform where people usually publish their written work has its specific UI/UX and ways of publishing. Having the content centralized in one place and distributing it to many other platforms from there, makes the publishing process much easier. Especially if you are repeatedly publishing on daily basis.

For that reason, the publishing feature of Writings helps you distribute the content with equal quality to all three leading social platforms for publishing: Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.

In this article, I will show you how to easily publish to Medium and do all the after-chores so that they shine once published.

Enable Medium

Make sure to have Medium as Social account enabled in Settings. Read more about how to enable social accounts here.


Decide what you want to publish. Something you wrote in the past or write something now. Write → Edit → Save. Once you save it, you will be taken to the reading page.


At the top of the page, there is the Publish icon. Press on it and shortly after you will see a Publishing dialog where as a first step you need to select where you want to publish the writing. Check Medium and follow the wizard to the end.

On Medium

This tool will publish your writing as a Draft on Medium. In its final step, you will see the link to that Draft. If shared, your draft will be visible to other people.

Press on the Link and once the draft opens on Medium, press on the three dots menu button for the article. Select the Edit item.

The final touch

As a rule of thumb, having some graphical representation of your content is a good idea. Photo, image, diagram. Anything that makes it more attractive. Go to Unsplash and find a photo you like, download it, and drag/drop it to the Medium editor, in the position where you want it to be shown.

This will be the image associated with the article once published.

At the top, press the Publish button. Select a few tags and keywords that will make your post discoverable to the Medium audiences. Press on Publish Now green button.

Voila. Magic happens.

In the next article, we will see how to do the same for Twitter, but together with Medium. So publishing to two platforms at once.

Have a nice writing time!