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Writings 2023, moving forward!

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A few variables changed how Writings as a product developed in the past year. Mainly it was influenced by conversations with users and talking with friends. I feel happy with where it is now, and I feel equally unsatisfied as I didn’t reach the momentum I was hoping for.

However, I managed to build Writings’ features around three main funnels:

  • Writing

  • Publishing

  • Measuring

The Writing funnel enables users to write without distractions, organize their writing and get support during the process. Features like the simple and distraction-free text editor, the by-label organization, and the outlining templates.

The Publishing one was a completely new point of pivot. As I spoke with a few users, I realized that they need a set of features that will enable them to publish their content on platforms like Medium, Twitter, or Linkedin. Another feature that belongs to this funnel is the Blog creation flow, an easy way to create a personal blog out of your writing.

The Measuring funnel is supported by the Analytics feature. No measure, no growth, as they say. It should motivate you to write even more and consistently.

These features will be the main topic of marketing in the first few months of next year.

And what changes?

By the end of January, the accounts of inactive users will be deleted. And an active user of Writings is considered a user that has written at least 5 articles in the past 3 months, whenever you measure.

End of January 2023, a new paid plan will be introduced with a free trial of 14 days. This will give curious users enough time to explore the product, and on the other hand, will save me from measuring user intentions that are a flat-line curiosity. If these users want to continue using Writings, they will have to subscribe to the paid plan.

Active users or users that have contributed to the growth of the product by providing feedback will be automatically put on the top-tier plan. If you belong to this group, this will be my ultimate thanks for your active contribution to building the product.

A lot of great things will come in Writings in 2023 and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

I wish you a very nice holiday season and a Happy New Year. 🥳

Aleksandar, creator of Writings