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Writings Analytics

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You can have an overview of a few metrics about your writing as part of the Analytics feature of Writings.

To open it, check the toolbar button next to your profile image. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the Analytics page.

What are these metrics about:

Writings Analytics - General Metrics

  • Total Writings - the all-time total amount of articles you wrote.
  • Total Words - the all-time word count consisting of all the articles you wrote
  • Attempts - the number of times you tried to write something but didn’t save it.

Yearly word-count representation

Writings Analytics - Yearly Word Count

Beneath these numbers, you are able to see your yearly word count span. It spreads from today to the same day a year ago. With this, you can see the progression of the number of words you wrote in the past year.

Writing streak

Writings Analytics - Writing Streak

In the writing streak heatmap you are able to see the writing streak you have for the past year. The darker a point is, the more words you have written that day. Coloring them all means an established writing habit.

Published articles

Writings Analytics - Published Articles

Get insights on your published articles. Where have they been published and how are they performing? All in one place.