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Streamline Your Craft

An intuitive, distraction-free editor designed for writers who mean business.

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Intelligent Assistance

Polish your style and express your ideas with clarity with a powerful integrated AI writing aid.

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Insightful Analytics

Track your content's performance and discover insights that connect directly to your revenue growth.

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Writings Features

and why it is all you need to start writing

Structure your writing with the simple editor

Use the non-cluttered AI-enabled editor to give your content proper structure. Speed up your writing by using intuitive slash commands in a non-distracting environment.Use Markdown syntax to speed up your process of writing or the common keyboard shortcuts.

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Build Your Social Presence

Establish your presence as a writer by creating a representable writing portfolio on your social network.Save valuable time by eliminating the need to publish separately on multiple platforms. Publish what you want to show the world, in one click and build your social presence step by step.Send your content to your clients' email directly from Writings. Streamline your writing process and increase your reach with an all-in-one solution.

Create A Writing Portfolio

Create your showcase of content, by creating a simple Writings Blog!No technical expertise is required. Create a profile and start publishing SEO-optimized articles in seconds.Share your Writings Blog with potential clients and give them an overview of your writing style and voice. Build it without hassle.

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Improve With Insights!

You cannot improve it if you don't measure it. That's easy with Writings' Analytics.Get an overview of the most important metrics for your writing. Find motivation to establish a writing habit by following your writing streak and performance.Check the performance of your content shared on social media or with your clients!

Finish What You Write Faster!

Stuck in a writer's block? Need a spark of inspiration or a gentle push? Fear not, Writings has got you covered!The in-editor AI assistance is here to help. Just use a slash command (by typing '/'), to use some of the proposed AI-triggering actions.Get help, be more productive, and finish faster!

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export to other formats

Export to other formats

Don't waste time looking for conversion tools. Send your content via email as PDF with an integrated flow, or export it as PDF or DocX in one click.Or if you want to publish your content to Markdown-enabled platforms like IndieHackers or Hashnode? Copy your content as Markdown and just paste it where you need to. Easy.

Generate and Analyze Keywords

Save time and get insights on performing SEO articles by using the Keywords Generator integrated with Writings.Based on the keyword insights, generate effective headings that perform that will bring you or your clients the desired result.All within Writings!

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pay yearly



Get the Feeling of Writings

Non-distracting AI powered editor

Up to 6 articles per month

5 Publishings (social, blog, email)

Create Portfolio Blog

Basic Analytics

Export to Other Formats


$19 / Month

$15 / Month

For the Pro Writers

All from the free plan

Outlining Templates

Guided Draft Generation

Keywords Research Tool

Advanced Analytics

Priority Support


get in touch

For those that want to learn writing

Yearly Writings Pro Subscription

8 Live Pairing Sessions

Writing Reviews & Feedback

Learn Solid Writing Practices

Coaching on Job Opportunities

Personalized How To Proceed Plan

Writings Use Cases

Creative Writing

Write for your own itch. Express yourself creatively and intimately.Structure and organize your creative content without having to publish it anywhere.


Easily create drafts and improve your content a few times before publishing.Have a full control over how your content sounds to your audience.


Announce news or features on multiple social networks at once, by using the easy publishing wizard.Your audience will see the same structure as when you wrote it.

Mass Publishing

With Writings, you can write once and publish everywhere.Blog posts, marketing campaigns, or audience outreach, focus on your content and delegate the publishing to Writings.


Use Writings as your journaling app! Use built-in templates to structure journal entries.Articles are private by default, so your journal will remain safe.

Cover or Application letters

Write a cover letter quickly using an outlining template.Fill it in and print or send the URL to the relevant institution or company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Writings yet another GenAI tool?

No. Writings is centered towards all needs a freelance content creator has. And writing is one of them. But also, publishing, distribution, promotion, outreach, etc.

Is Writings tailored for beginner content writers?

Most definitely. The fact that one of the most prominent features of Writings is simplicity, it's ideal to start your content writing journey. The tools are built in a way that they solve all side-noise from the content writing process so that you can focus on what matters - writing.

What support and resources are available for users of Writings?

Writings provides a comprehensive knowledge base, and responsive customer support to help you make the most out of our platform. We are committed to supporting your growth as a freelance content writer.

What social platforms are supported for publishing?

At the moment you can use Medium, and Linkedin to publish your content natively, as well as to a separate portfolio blog on Writings that you can use to showcase your writing portfolio. Important for new prospects.

Is there a free version of Writings available?

Yes! Writings offers a free plan that includes access to the basic features. You can still use the free version to write your content and experience the benefits Writings provides, and if you ever decide to become a Pro user, it's just a click away.

Does Writings support collaborative writing?


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About Writings

Hi there! 👋 My name is Aleksandar Balalovski and I am the author of Writings!I started building this tool as I wanted to support my writing learning efforts. The passion I have for writing is as strong as the one for technology. I find Writings to be the cross junction between them both. I hope you find it useful.You can find me on Twitter over here or my personal website.Or use this form to send me something nice!