Writings Analytics

You can have an overview of a few metrics about your writing as part of the Analytics feature of Writings.

How to Make Writing Habit That Sticks: Measure Your Writing Progress

If you want to build a proper eating habit, you need to calculate the intake and outturn of calories on daily basis.

Start Writing With a Full Sentence Outline

Writing is a complex process. And, as with anything in life, it helps to break down complexity into simpler blocks.

Create Once Publish Everywhere With Writings

The central point of Writings is the content. All the features built around that content will have a supportive character.

Handwriting vs Typing

Ever since I started writing online, I’ve had doubts about the electronic medium as a carrier of what I write.

Practical Usage of Writing in Business

I had no clue about the power of writing in a business context, only until I started building a product myself.

The Benefits of Writing

We can think about the benefits of writing in two categories: cognitive and practical. The cognitive benefits are about how writing affects our mental processes.

How writing improves communication

3100 B.C., the Egyptians invented hieroglyphs to organize the rules governing the land, life, and death. Egyptians believed that the god Thoth gave the hieroglyphs to them to make them stronger and wiser.

Few Simple Writing Apps

When you write, there is a lot to do before and after you’re done with writing. Deciding on formats, how and where you will keep the writing, whether you will publish it or not, etc.

What to Write About

Deciding the topic to write about and the audience to write for is one of the most difficult aspects of writing.