New Users on Hold

The creation of new accounts for Writings is temporarily put on hold. The next opening for new users should happen in the last week of January 2023.

How to enable your Blog

The Blog creation feature allows you to list your Writings on a public profile that is accessible by everyone.

Create a Blog With Writings

The Tardigrade, also known as the water bear, is a creature that survives extreme conditions. Water bears, Games, and Blogs are the rare things that can survive a nuclear apocalypse.

The Method of the Three Questions! Use This Trick to Become a Better Storyteller

Storytelling is not only about conversations. It varies between the problem you explain to your colleagues, a presentation you have to give at school, a deal you want to offer to a client, and so on.

How to Help an 8yo Become a Better Storyteller

Influencing others with good habits is both easy and challenging when it comes to children. Easy, because children build habits fast, but challenging because it’s difficult to get them in the process of building habits.

Writings 2023, moving forward!

A few variables changed how Writings as a product developed in the past year. Mainly it was influenced by conversations with users and talking with friends.

Writings Analytics

You can have an overview of a few metrics about your writing as part of the Analytics feature of Writings.

How to Make Writing Habit That Sticks: Measure Your Writing Progress

If you want to build a proper eating habit, you need to calculate the intake and outturn of calories on daily basis.

Start Writing With a Full Sentence Outline

Writing is a complex process. And, as with anything in life, it helps to break down complexity into simpler blocks.

Create Once Publish Everywhere With Writings

The central point of Writings is the content. All the features built around that content will have a supportive character.