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How Do I Start My Writing Portfolio

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So you’ve decided to create a writing portfolio - that’s great news! A well-crafted portfolio is an essential tool for success in your writing journey. I’ve heard this as many times as I’ve met beginner writers in my life: “How do I start my writing portfolio?”. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through a few easy steps to create a compeling writing portfolio that will impress potential clients or employers.

First, you’ll need to gather your best writing samples that showcase your range and expertise. You don’t have anything written? Ok, let’s organize ourselves right away.

  • Create a Writings account here;
  • Create 5 articles by writing or pasting them from somewhere else;
  • Re-read, format, and edit them accordingly; make them shine;
  • Use labels, see if some paragraphs have to be rewritten (by using a slash command);
  • Once you have the content you want to publish on your writing portfolio, go to Settings and select the Blog section;
  • Click Enable Blog and fill in the fields from the wizard with the information that represents you the best (read this if you need more help);
  • your portfolio blog will be available at writings.so/your_handle

Create a writing portfolio that shines 🔗

You’ll want to organize your content in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate format. It’s important to write a compelling bio that highlights your writing experience and unique voice.

Before you start sharing your portfolio with potential prospects, take some time to review it together with all the selected writing and decide if the pieces you selected, best represent your skills and expertise. This will be the link you will be sharing with potential clients or whoever needs to pay you. They will be giving their money for content similar to this, so check three times if what you want to be represented with is there.

Quality over quantity is key here - it’s better to have a few outstanding pieces than a large collection of mediocre work.

Your writing portfolio is the first impression clients get for you. You want to perfect it? Keep on writing.