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Stop scattering your content on Google Docs and text files! Instead, create, organize and share it with Writings! Full focus on your writing habit, zero clutter.

Start writing!

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What can you do with Writings?

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Start writing online and keep your content in the cloud. No need for installations and configurations.

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List your content by date of creation or by the applied label. Find what you write easily!

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Publish on your socials!

Link your social accounts to writings and start publishing your content on them!

Main Features

why Writings is all you need to start writing

Simple Editor

Use the simple editor to give your content a structure and emphasize what's important

use a rich text editor

Easy Labeling

Use predefined labels or create yours, to categorize your writing so that
you can list it by categories on the home page

add labels to categorize your writing

Share and publish your work!

You can make a writing public and share the URL with the others,
or keep it private but publish it on your social accounts

share your writing

Export as Markdown and share!

Share your content by easily export it as Markdown and pasting it to the famous platforms that support it.
Indie Hackers post? Sure. Or a Hugo-hosted blog? Of course!

share your writing

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What They Say About Writings

Love that it generates a social image for sharing - super convenient. The UI is clean and minimal - just the way I like my writing.

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Jason LeowBuilding Lifelog

I recently tried Writings and it was a pleasant experience. It is a simple, opinionated text editor that can export my writings as images. It is still an early phase and has tremendous potential!

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Dmytro KrasunBuilding ScreenshotOne

What I really like about Writings is that it's a no BS writing tool. Its sleek and lean UI helps you focus on doing what matters: writing high-quality content. A nice perk is the built-in screenshot feature that makes it super easy to share a picture of my writing on social media.

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Matthias GabrielIndie Builder

Really sleek design. I like that I can write and it easily converts into an image to post. Frictionless. Something brewing here. Might be big!

What I really, really love about Writings and it's UX is that it's clean and simple. No unnecessary distractions, no millions of buttons, just white paper and my keyboard. 🥰

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Amer SikiraFounder of EngagementBuild and MetricsCount

Writings is indeed a distraction-free writing app, delivering a lucid interface and a clean writing experience. In Writings you can create, organise, and share the content you create, with a clear focus on your writing habit, removing all the clutter you might have experienced with other tools.

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Creatively NewsletterPublished under Creating a more spacious life & Personal CRM made easy

All right! I wanna try it!

Writings is in beta phase and your feedback will be more than appreciated. If you feel you can help me with this, go ahead and login to the app, test it yourself and ping me!

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About Writings

Hi! My name is Aleksandar and I am the author of Writings!

Writing is my hobby, and I couldn't find the right tool to allow me to easily write and organize my content. So I created Writings. I hope it solves your problems as well!

Feel free to start a conversation? My DMs are open!

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